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Why Is Kindergarten Readiness So Important? … Part 2 (of 4)

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Me. Age 5 - My first school photo

Kindergarten marks the start of a child’s formal education. A child’s first school experiences can influence the way he or she relates to others for the rest of life. Success or failure at this stage can affect a child’s well-being, self-esteem and motivation.A lack of kindergarten readiness also can lead to a child being held back a grade. As a result, it’s important to make sure that when your child begins school he or she is developmentally ready to learn and participate in classroom activities.

When deciding if your child is ready for kindergarten, consider his or her abilities and circumstances. How well is your child able to communicate and listen? Is your child able to get along with other children and adults? Is your child able to run, play and use a crayon? Use your own intuition as a parent and consult your child’s doctor, preschool teacher and any other child care providers for useful, objective information about your child’s development and readiness for school.

Keep in mind that some schools also require children to take a kindergarten readiness test to evaluate their abilities. While these tests aren’t always accurate indicators of how well prepared a child is for school, you can use them as a way to gauge your child’s development relative to other children of the same age.

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Coming Up – Part 3 of 4 Are there benefits to delaying a child’s enrollment in kindergarten?

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  1. I am a masters student, doing research on the importance of readiness for school. I love how you put it! Did you read this information somewhere or did you write it on your own. I have to cite everything I use and I want to make sure I am giving proper credit. I have been unable to locate any other information on the importance of readiness for school.Thank you!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post and think you make so many wonderful comments. In particular, I loved your point that a child must be developmentally ready to learn to succeed in the classroom. My mom is a retired kindergarten and preschool teacher and we just launched a website that is totally free and devoted to helping parents understand how to help their children start preschool or kindergarten prepared so that they can excel in the classroom. It also has a free kindergarten readiness test for parents to use to help guide them. The address is and I think it might have some interesting information for you. Thanks for your great blog, Tori – I always enjoying coming here!

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