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Uh Oh… No Time For an Injury

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

I hurt my arm. My shoulder, actually. I mean really hurt it. I slipped down the stairs, on a normal morning (last Friday) and bam, an entire series of repercussions have appeared. I instinctively put my arm down to brace my fall and landed on it, straight down on my hand with my elbow locked. The culprit was a rather large duck — a dog toy that was on the staircase.

Buster and Roxie with the Evil Duck Toy

Roxie and Buster with the Evil Duck Toy

So here I am, writing a blog about babies and pregnancy and life and how I interpret and experience these things. And today, I have one hand to type with (very slowly, in case you are wondering) and I have to include some of the real life challenges that come along with an accident in an otherwise extremely packed life.

I don’t mention this often but those of you who have read The Joy of Pregnancy may have noted in the book’s foreword that my husband Ray died of cancer during the time I was writing, coming up on five years ago. He died 12 weeks after being diagnosed with an inoperable malignant tumor. Although some time has passed and Alexander and I have traveled a long hard road, he is now blossoming and I am so hopeful for what lies in the future. Being an only parent however, adds a whole different dimension to working, running a household, raising a young boy AND sustaining an injury.

My best friend has, more than once, commented that my life has the makings of a reality show, or perhaps a cartoon. Working with pregnant and laboring families, getting the word out about the Joy of Pregnancy, writing a blog, speaking, volunteering at Alexander’s school, raising a feisty eight year, and having a house full of creatures (two puppies, 5 birds, a soon to be new kitten) makes for more interesting tales than I could possibly conjure up.

And now, we throw a shoulder injury into the mix. The injury part really does not fit into the schedule. I see a doc tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Get well soon TK!

  2. You’re in my thoughts, Tori! I wish you a speedy recovery…

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