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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

birdEarlier this week, I had such a great experience. A woman came into the hospital, in labor, actually carrying a copy of the book. My book. I said hello to her and she looked at me  with a funny expression and as I looked back at her, it clicked. We had a really nice moment where I was able to express my gratitude for her finding the book to be something she wanted to have so close with her. It felt really, really good.

I was also sent two recent reviews of  The Joy of Pregnancy. The first , by Baby Goo Roo, was wonderfully  comprehensive. The author of  the review, Mary Jessica Hammes, talks about how most current pregnancy books tend to be “heavily alarming or self-consciously cranky” and how pleasantly surprised she was to find The Joy of Pregnancy on the shelf  just inches away from “Pregnancy Sucks” and “Pregnancy Sucks For Men”. Unbelievably, she also wrote about having seen it in the Lindsay Lohan TV film, “Labor Pains”.

The next review was written by a very interesting  and witty college English professor and blogger in Texas. She is expecting her first baby and found the book to be much more practical and straightforward than others. Both were a pleasure to read.

The best news of all is that my publisher, Harvard Common Press, believes so strongly that The Joy of Pregnancy is the best resource available for pregnant women that they are making it available as a free e-book until 12/31/09. We really want people to give it a try. So, if you know someone who is pregnant…

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