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The Shoulder Gets Fixed

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

I’ll apologize up front. I am going to whine a little, I’m afraid. I had a big shoulder surgery this past Wednesday. Yes, stemming from the fateful fall I had just before Thanksgiving. It was a big repair with a long recovery. I am in a rather intimidating arm/shoulder brace for the next 6 weeks and my days will be rather quiet. At the moment that seems fine as I can barely move, but I know as soon as I feel like myself again, that will be a challenge.

I have had a bit of a rough go of it so far. I actually felt surprisingly good Friday and Saturday and thought, “Wow, I am cruising”. I was up and doing things around the house – and being very chatty. Not sure what wore off by Saturday night but the pain came in a really awful way. It took hours to get it managed and when I finally did I was completely exhausted. I slept – truly 18 hours in the last 24 and in my waking hours have completely melted down.

Through tears today my good friend, Chelan reminded me that she remembered a similar scenario shortly after Alexander was born. I had spent 5 days in the hospital and was really pretty sick with his birth and on the way home I convinced Ray to stop at my favorite coffee shop, Peet’s. I think 3 days after that I called Chelan from Target telling her how amazingly good I felt. Less than 48 hours later I had both mastitis and a bladder infection and cried for the next week straight.

Rest. It doesn’t come easy. Our bodies really do sometimes demand it. I am far better at pointing out to others how important it is to allow time for healing than I am at hearing my own words.

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