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The Infamous Breast-Feeding Time Magazine Cover

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

You were probably sleeping, or working, or feeding kids, or any number of a million other things a couple of weeks ago… BUT if you are hanging out with me here then the odds are good that you had to have seen the cover of Time magazine. Once again, the topic of parenting and especially breast-feeding, sent opinions flying.

I wish I could have escaped it. I don’t even really like Time magazine but it comes to my house, probably from a free something or other, so there it was in the mailbox. Then at the hospital. Then my sister gave me a copy. Then someone showed me a mock-up cover with Jack Black of Tenacious D. It had crossed all social barriers.

I originally wrote this as one post but have decided to break it into two.

First to ask simply two questions – you can comment on them here or just think about them.

1.) What was your first “feeling” when you saw the cover? Initial, basic gut response. Just one or two words.

2.) Do you think such a cover helps encourage breastfeeding or not.

On Monday I’ll talk about some experiences I had around it, being in the profession as well as some huge issues that I had with it.

Have a great weekend and I can’t wait to hear from you.

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