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The Fine Art of Vajazzle – ing?

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

You have got to be kidding me. That was my first response when I heard the buzz about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s promotion of a new fad called “vajazzle – ing”?  I could easily have told you that I have seen pretty much everything.  Quite frankly, I don’t really have words for this.

Dear god –I can only hope it to be a brief and limited fad. The fine art of “vajazzling” is that of decorating one’s completely bare va-jay-jay, woo hoo, cooch, muff, gina or whatever fond name one might have to describe their womanly neighborhood.

Here is the place where I cross out “professional” and just firmly plant myself in being my own self – full of thoughts and opinions about all the ridiculousness of this “you can’t make this stuff up” world we live in.

I had hoped that this new form of artistry was some kind of urban legend, however, my Internet search proved, not only that it is true, but that it’s getting celebrity endorsements. I am not really sure what Jennifer Love Hewitt has done in her acting career but I am certain now how I will always remember her. Could she possibly have wanted this to be her legacy?

Yes, it is true -Vajazzle is now an actual term. It is the process of spending an awful lot of money having a “professional vajazzler?” glue Swarovski crystals (or your own jewels?)  on your freshly waxed, completely bare skin in the area where you once  had pubic hair (this may seem obvious but I just want to be clear). This artistry can be in the shape or wording of anything you like and lasts for a whopping 5 days.

Let me be clear – the female body is incredibly beautiful whether it be in a completely natural state or highly decorated with piercings or tattoos. I work in an urban environment so I see a fair amount of variations in tattooing and waxing.

There is no doubt that we like a whole lot less hair than in previous generations. Grooming has moved from the basic bikini wax to strategically designed or complete laser hair removal. I am certainly not a prude and I absolutely love and appreciate creative tattooing and piercings – on both men and women.

In fact, not long ago I shared a birth with a woman who had extensive piercing and tattooing in “not easy to reach places”. My reaction upon my first view of her body was an unabashed, “Wow—look at that! How did you do that?” Some may wonder how professional such an exclamation is.  I have found that people who decorate their bodies in this fashion actually want and appreciate it being noticed. But let’s get back to vajazzling.

You can watch how it is done here or you can listen to Jennifer Love Hewitt talk about her own vajazzling. I found both to be pretty ridiculous and I have no doubt that I made a number of faces while watching the videos.

I say live and let live most of the time but this just seems silly. Really silly.  I have to think through how I will react the first time I see it. I’d love to hear what you think.

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