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Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Funny thing it is to sit down and write. I am now well immersed into the category of being a “blogger”. I actually write all the time — currently I am writing rather intense poetry, but that’s another story. And, there is indeed a difference between writing and blogging.

Long before it was popular, I “blogged” weekly on Stork Site, only it wasn’t yet called “blogging”. And, although I have much to say about any number of topics, the idea of actually coming up with something interesting, relevant and meaningful on a regular basis is challenging. I now embrace the idea that blogging is actually a way of communicating in a very conversational way. Much more like “talking” than writing. And talking comes pretty easily to me.

I am also embarking on video blogging which is truly conversational. Many of the video blogs I have seen, especially in the “mommy” sphere, tend to be humorous or edgy but not necessarily full of info. And although I certainly take you along on my own personal circus ride, I really want you (and every pregnant person you know) to actually get something solid here.

As always, please take what you like and give me any kind of feedback or comments you wish.

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