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  • All Before Coffee

    Thursday, October 30th, 2014

    Tomorrow is Halloween — I am re-posting this from some time ago. Why? Because at the moment I am facing the challenge of a budding teenager and because it makes me remember why kids are simply the best. EVER.

    7:20 am: (small boy jumping up on my bed) “Mom. It’s time to get up. Get up!! ”

    7:21 am: (while trying to keep my eyes closed)

    “Alexander, Mom needs a little more sleep this morning. Why don’t you bring a book down?”

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  • A Humorous Perspective On Letting Nature Happen

    Monday, October 4th, 2010

    Every now and then I come across something that gives a “spot on” reminder of how trying to control the outcome of birth can take away the wonder. This is a humorous video on just that.

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  • April Fool’s Day Chocolate?

    Thursday, April 1st, 2010

    Today is April Fool’s Day. If you follow the Internet, you see that Google, Star Buck’s and several other companies are engaging in some good-humored fun. What a relief it is to see this in a day and age where seriousness is all around us.

    I have been part of (on both sides) a number of practical jokes over the years but one stands out as the absolute best. It got at least twenty people. It took hours for us to make sense of it and no one caught on that it was April 1st.

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