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Spring Was Almost Here

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Today is the first day after Spring break. Alexander came down with the “I really don’t want to go back to school, so I must be sick” flu. He knew he wasn’t going to get very far with it so he gave it only a feeble try.

Spending the week with no plans was relaxing and fun for us both. He is so pleased that I am not working and now that I can actually move my arm we are enjoying the time we have before I head back to work. We saw the musical, Wicked and what nine-year old boy doesn’t think Benihana is the best place, EVER?

It has been raining again for days. We had a little sunshine early last week and we thought spring had finally come. Spring is a big deal for me. I am an avid gardener but it is much more than that. I prune and plant and water and fertilize and mulch and all the while find myself “not thinking”. I suspect it is something like a walking meditation might be. It is one area of my life where I move slowly and patiently.

My shoulder is mending – slowly,  but I do see progress. I have been out of the brace now for two weeks and am diligent about my physical therapy and exercises. I still can’t raise my arm more than 90 degrees and it still hurts a bunch but the improvement is there.

I am more than a little ready to go back to work. I miss everything about it. I miss the women, the babies, the families, my colleagues and my buddies. I miss the pace and the challenges and the “you can’t make this up” aspect of my work.

Someone with a different type of job might have been back at work some time ago but mine is so physical that I cannot get back until I really feel confident and strong. So on that note, I now go off to physical therapy.

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