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So Long 2012

Monday, December 31st, 2012

I’m writing. Like a mad woman. I believe writing to be a bit like art. It can be difficult if there isn’t something sparking the words. Or, sometimes, as is the case with me, I just haven’t had too much to say. At least not on paper. I always have plenty to say.

This year… 2012. Last winter seems so far away. Somehow spring turned into summer and summer into fall and now here we are. The last day of school happily arrived in June and I sent Alexander off to summer camp. And then we packed up the dogs for summer on Lake Michigan. Family and great friends and storms and barbecues and rescues of inexperienced sailors and the Olympics and peppermint ice cream and a lot of fun with a bb gun and much grown up misbehaving with my favorite partner in crime.

Many card games, board games, and of course, books. 50 Shades of Grey was a ridiculous but fun beach read, especially the day we made all the kids stay away and we took turns reading it out loud. Alexander’s words echo an 11-year old’s response to his mother’s antics “MOM! You and Aunt Linda should NOT be acting so silly!” So much love and laughter. And then suddenly summer was over and the first day of school arrived.

6th grade is evolving into an awesome year. The spark of science has been ignited in our house and suddenly there are projects and experiments and research on viruses and how the brain works. In October it became time to bite the bullet and fix the first of my two “ no longer working” hands. I had a joint replacement of my left wrist joint and a fusion of my thumb. October was a blur and my best of intentions of getting all kinds of things done while I have been off of clinical work was replaced by recovering from a pretty intense hand surgery and the fact that everything moves painfully slowly with only one hand. Soon I will go back to work at the hospital and then gear up to have my right hand done in the spring. This is the year for getting things fixed. And HOW does time move like this?

My baby turned 12 a few days ago. He is 6 inches and 5 pounds away from his mum. And as sassy as he can be one minute, the very next he is cuddly and sweet. My 17-year-old nephew Nick is spending his senior year in high school with us adding to the already wonderful chaos of dogs, a cat, birds, a ragtag flock of hens and now a bobcat. Understandably, the bobcat and I do not agree on his fondness for our chickens so he will be moving on.

The 2nd edition of The Joy of Pregnancy is underway and soon I will be as busy as ever as I head back to the hospital alongside teaching, speaking and writing. I am training for a race in February that includes obstacles and mud. And it’s all good. Blessed is the right word. Grateful. The new year is tomorrow. No resolutions – the ones I already have are always there. For me, the new year is a fresh start, a new adventure and all that much closer to warmer weather and more sunshine.

There are new levels of anxiety and concern that I see in today’s pregnant women as well as parents of all ages. So, I am back to having a few things to say. On paper – virtual and actual. And I’ll probably get in trouble for many of them. Being politically correct has never been my strongest suit. But that’s ok too. I’m still considerate.

So stay tuned. Have a very happy and safe New Year’s. We are going to have some great fun and dialogue this year. And as you know, we won’t just be talking about babies.

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