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President Barack Obama is My President

Monday, January 19th, 2009

I have at least ten things in my head which isn’t particularly unusual but at the moment it is hard for me to even get out one thought. On the eve of an amazing day, the inauguration of President Barack Obama, I feel pretty darn speechless.

I have been sitting here for over an hour, coming back again and again in hopes that new thoughts will have come. Sometimes, in trying too hard, we overlook the obvious and miss the simplest. It is just this. I am so proud to be able to witness — and to be a part of — the collective experience that is happening around us. It is such a new beginning, a fresh start, a feeling of being a part of a whole and of being one. Not so different than the anticipation a new baby brings. The buzz that is palpable in the air is nothing like I have ever felt and I don’t want to miss a bit of it. I am proud to have a son, to be a mother with solid and strong political beliefs and to be part of the change that this country is experiencing. Today, Alexander and I are celebrating, within our community of San Francisco, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth and tomorrow, the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

He is a man who speaks for children, mother’s and families and I am so proud to call him my president. I especially want to take a moment to honor and to mama’s everywhere. We are in a time of birth and re-birth. What an honor.

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