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My Personal Reinvention: Part 1 (of 3)

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Alexander & I in Wyoming this summer

I seem to have had a revelation today. And that is that if I am to truly write a blog, it is going to have to be completely genuine (which it has been), but what that really means is that it has to be so much more than just a pregnancy and new baby information source. Pregnancy and birth are truly such a huge part of anything I think about or write, but the truth is, it isn’t everything.

I have written my whole life. And I write now more than I ever thought I could, or would. So, my blog will likely be visceral and honest and, without a doubt, highly opinionated. Certainly about whatever in the world is happening related to pregnancy and birth, but also about my own journey as someone whose passion is that but who is also very much a woman and a mother. One in her late 40’s who is finding her way as an only parent of a feisty son, one not so different from his mother and father, a professional and a bit of the rebel college student who still finds it necessary to see the irreverence in much of the world today.

I must give an open apology to the personal friends I have on Face Book. My blog is not likely to ever be a source of info on the casual nature of  “what we are doing today”. And I will never be offended should any of my real friends decide to “unfriend” me on Face Book.

I am going through a personal transition right now, this day this week. I am going to put it into 3 parts. I have no idea what it will entail but I already know it is important to me.

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