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My Own Birthday

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Sisters: Tori, Denise, Debbie (Kassie missing)

I had a birthday this month – July 9th. It was a quiet day and that was how I wished it to be. I had a lot of lovely birthday wishes – from my family, others who love me, and friends on FaceBook.

My parents, sister and nephew were visiting here at the lake and being with my own mother on my birthday got me thinking about the details surrounding the day I was born. I was the fifth and last child born into my family. I believe (as I have been told many times) that I was a surprise, as I came 8 years after my sister and 4 years after my brother, who died as an infant.

I asked my mother once again about my birth. I have in the past also but just wanted to hear it again. I have to admit that it strikes me as amazing that most of the people I know, even those who come from very large families, have heard some piece of their births from their own mothers.

Being individuals, this makes perfect sense but when we think about our own mothers and how intense birth actually is, it is hard to imagine that they remember the details of the births of several children.

My birth story includes that my mother demanded that my father buy her an air conditioner when she learned she was pregnant and would be giving birth in July. My best friend’s birth was on a cold, snowy day. My mother believes I was born quickly (which makes sense) as well as the “less than excited” reaction of my three sisters when they learned that I was another girl.

There is no question that birth is profound and incredibly meaningful but I am again reminded that it is quite simply one way that we build our families. There are other ways also, and in the big picture birth is most certainly not the pivotal event. The entrance of a beautiful new being into our lives is.

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