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My Baby’s Birthday… Such Mixed Emotions… Part 1

Monday, December 19th, 2011

I haven’t been writing a whole lot about pregnancy lately but as this is a blog, the reality is that in addition to having a passion for pregnancy and birth, I am a mom, I am an only parent, and there is an awful lot to that.

Today is Alexander’s 10th birthday. Double digits. Amazing. Unbelievable that a decade has passed. Unbelievable that he grew and birthed out of my body. Unbelievable that he is the spectacular human being that he is.

He was born on December 19, 2000 at 9:40pm, weighing in at 6 lbs. 12 oz and 19 ¼ inches long. He had a full head of dark blondish hair with these amazing little silver tips, as though it were frosted.

He was due on Christmas Eve, and on the 19th I was shopping for Christmas lights in our local drug store. I had, only a minute before, run into someone I hadn’t seen in a really long time. That day, I happened to be wearing a black, billowy maternity dress. A hideous dress actually. I really hated it and had never worn it before. But I felt so big and miserable that it just worked on that day.

For 15 years, I had told the women in my PillowTalk classes that the chance of their water bag breaking in public was really very small. Only about 10% of women actually even have their water bag break before labor starts.

As I was standing in the store aisle, I felt a little pinch, and suddenly, on the floor, was one of the largest puddles of amniotic fluid I had ever seen. Really. I stood there for a second, stunned, and then literally ran out of the store, laughing hysterically and dripping all the way out the door.

I called Ray from the car thinking he would think it was as funny as I did. Being very much not the doctor who had seen hundreds of births and instead, being very much the extremely nervous father, he found  little humor in it at all. There is a sweet photo of him standing outside the car holding my small suitcase with a sock hanging out of it. He could not even pack a suitcase he was so nervous, much less drive a car.

Thank God my wonderful friend, Chelan was there. Her instructions (from me) were to not allow me to go into the hospital until I was in very active labor. I was NOT going to go into my hospital, begging for mercy and not be dilated at all. The good news was that I was in booming labor and 4 cm. dilated, the bad news is that things went steadily downhill from there. But that is a story I have told before. Alexander and I came home from the hospital on Christmas Day.

Today was a very mixed day. So quietly happy and so immensely sad for me. Our family tradition is that the birthday person may do whatever they like on their birthday. So the young prince selected his breakfast, lunch and dinner (pizza) and opened one present this morning and will open the rest after dinner and cake. We sat on the couch this morning and went through all of his baby pictures, the cards we got when he was born and the lottery pool that was done by my colleagues to guess the sex of the baby (we didn’t know) and when he was going to be born. He came much earlier than anyone chose.

Happy Birthday Alexander.

Part 2 will come on Tuesday…

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