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My 9-Year Old Slept In The Dog Crate

Friday, February 19th, 2010

My nine year old slept in the dog crate last night. Alexander announced at dinner that he wished to sleep in the crate. Perhaps this entitles me to the Best Mommy Award for, not only agreeing to it, but photographing it as well. Some might balk at this interesting sleeping arrangement.

Actually, it isn’t as bad as it may seem. It is a large, soft -sided crate that usually sleeps our 2-½ yr. old lab, Buster and our 7-month-old lab, Roxie. Tonight Buster was the only one invited in. Blankets, pillows and lovies went in (both boy’s and dog’s) and by the time I tucked him in, he and Buster were in the warmest, coziest nest I have seen in a long time. The two of them happily came out at 7:30 this morning.

As everything balances out; this evening, I was honored with the Worst Mommy Award. Alexander, being just exhausted from staying up too late watching the Olympics (or perhaps sleeping in the dog crate), realized as he got into bed, that a small gun from a soldier toy that he got from his aunt just yesterday was missing. We searched everywhere and ultimately he determined its loss to be my fault. Now, for some perspective, the soldier itself is about 2 inches high and the gun is about the length of the tip of my pinky to the first knuckle and about as thin as a toothpick. I do believe that children feel that mothers should know where EVERYTHING is.

This loss resulted in great, heaving sobs (which is unlike him —big clue that he was exhausted) and the pronouncement that his life was ruined and there would be no more fun in it. Ever. We talk a lot about perspective, especially with material things and toys etc. so he had the good sense to know that this was not really a tragedy.

The problem was that, for whatever reason, the more dramatically he sobbed, the more I couldn’t help but giggle. Maybe I was tired too but I found it so very funny that I had to turn away so that he wouldn’t see how hard I was working not to laugh. The tipping point came when he matter of factly said “well, i am just going to have to sell it on ebay”.

Of course, I was not laughing at his sadness. We talked a lot about that. I just loved the passion with which he was feeling his pain over the ¼ inch gun (of which he has 1000 just like it). Thankfully, I was able to pull him out of it by pretending to suck his face with my hand like a jellyfish. For some reason he finds this to be incredibly amusing.

Most days, I not only find it wonderful to be a mother, but I find it to be really fun too. Children, if appreciated for the infinite humor that they provide, add a dimension and a levity to your days that just doesn’t exist in the adult world.

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