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Music Lessons – The Parenting Dilemma

Friday, April 16th, 2010

I have a half a dozen topics that I want to talk about but they each involve using my brain. My brain is still infusing with coffee and so far the synapses have not begun firing. So, instead I’ll mention a parenting matter. Music classes.

I am a huge music lover– of all kinds. I grew up in a house filled with music and it  has always been a large part of my life. People who don’t like music or play it much make me nervous. Just as those who look frightened whenever a child is nearby do.

Growing up, it was either piano, violin or in the case of my sister, the oboe. I picked piano and was really quite good at it. Gave it up as soon as I was allowed and have regretted it ever since. I took lessons again a couple of years ago but realized I didn’t need lessons, I just needed to play. I play when I notice the piano looming in the living room and am always on the verge of “I need to start playing more”.

This is the year that Alexander is to select his instrument. We have talked about a variety and have settled on guitar. My insistence was “acoustic before electric” until the guy at the guitar store said, “Why not let the kid play what he likes?” It was a good point.

Alexander’s music teacher thinks he does not show much interest during music class. I guess I have to agree that I don’t have much interest in Peter, Paul and Mary or Pete Seeger either but that’s all I’ll say about that. Alexander is highly musical and knows what makes up Baroque music as well as is able to spot the different guitar licks of Eric Clapton or Mark Knofler.

And then there is Jack White… My side of this morning’s conversation went as follows, “Alexander, Mama really doesn’t want to walk down to the carpool spot this morning. Yes, I had a really good time seeing Jack White and The Dead Weather last night. Yes honey,  he is a god. Well, rock and roll sometimes means putting the pillow back over your head in the morning”.

Perhaps not the foremost lesson I wish him to learn, but yet another example of how the apples don’t fall too far from the trees! Music lessons, here we come.

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  1. Tori,
    Just wait until he takes his ihome in the bathroom in the morning and blares Frank Zappa, Les Claypool or Buckethead before you have had your coffee. And it sounds like those days are coming fast, if not already here. I miss you! Hope you are healing as fast as you can!

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