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More Than A Bad Cold

Friday, September 24th, 2010

I’m sick. Alexander brought home the infamous, “back to school cold”, which I suppose, is better than bringing home lice. Tom, our babysitter, got the cold and now I have it. Although I think I really got the bad end of the stick as I seem to have been hit pretty hard.                It is Friday, I had a million things to do today, it is beautiful and hot out and I have literally been in bed all day in sweat pants and an old t-shirt.

I have been pushing hard. Lots of interesting and stressful work happenings as well as writing and, of course, most importantly, mothering a tired boy who is adjusting to lots of new challenges that face a 9 year old. Are mothers allowed to whine??

I got some angry emails this week about my placing some responsibility on the anti-vaccine movement for the rise in whooping cough. Sorry, but it was a disease that was essentially dead and it has steadily been increasing in recent years. It does NOT kill people who are vaccinated. We are revaccinating teens and adults because immunity decreases over time.

So, again I say loudly to those who choose NOT to vaccinate their children to “take responsibility for their impact – not only on their own children, but on others who are vulnerable.”

So, back to bed I go. Alexander has been miserable having me sick. Parents really aren’t allowed to get sick. More chicken soup and sleep for me.  Stay healthy.

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