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MomTalk Radio Easter Program

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I forgot to mention that I was recently a guest on Mom Talk Radio. It was an Easter show that we did well before Easter. The host, Maria Bailey wanted to be sure that I didn’t mention Easter in the future tense.

You can listen to it here – it starts mid-way through the broadcast and is about 5 minutes long. She was friendly and it was good interview — we talked about  her children, expectations and what concerns women most often have.

Of course, being Easter Sunday, we also talked about our favorite Easter candy. Being a good California, organic girl, I eagerly fessed up that my all-time, favorite, candy was Easter marshmallow Peeps — you know the ones that are pure sugar and an unnatural dye. And that the world was simply no longer right, now that they come in bizarre colors other than pink and yellow.

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