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Memorial Day: Honoring Soldiers and The Women Who Stand Behind Them

Monday, May 30th, 2011

AmericanFlagOn Memorial Day we honor those soldiers who have protected us and have given their lives for our country. Let’s also honor those young men currently serving our country in the military. Behind so many of those men are strong and courageous women with families at home.

They provide incredible support to each another as well as to their partners. Popular musicians are writing songs about them. Many of them have suffered heartbreak and all of them juggle their responsibilities alone. In recent years more and more military moms have opted to supplement their families’ incomes by becoming surrogates. Although controversial in some states, surrogacy can be very appealing to military moms. They are generally young, healthy women and surrogacy can provide much needed additional income for their families. So on Monday, fly your flag, enjoy your barbecue and let’s honor those soldiers who have died, those who are serving our country now and all the women who stand behind them.

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