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Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you were able to enjoy some down time with your partners, your babies, your families and all the people you love.

Alexander and I were in the Canadian Rockies enjoying vast amounts of snow. Being a true Midwesterner I am not terribly bothered by skiing with cold snow blowing in my face. Especially if the snow is dry and wonderful.

Alexander, on the other hand is a true California boy (which means he wears shorts even in 40 degree weather) and finds blizzard conditions a little rough. We bought facemasks, under helmet head warmers and glove liners.

I worked this Christmas and was able to share in an incredibly beautiful and wonderful birth. It was simply that the stars seemed to perfectly align. And, it was Christmas morning.

The new parents were a lovely couple I admitted the previous day who didn’t mind a bit that their baby would be born on Christmas Day. Her doctor is one of my very favorite people and the birth was quiet and calm and all of us cried.

It made me recall another birth I was able to share in many years ago when I was working at an out-of-hospital birth center in Florida. It was a long labor and a challenging birth and she delivered at sunrise on Easter morning. I remember walking outside, exhausted, and sitting on the back steps of the house. The sky was a beautiful pink and the air was warm. I was struck by the magic and wonder of being privileged to share in the miracle of birth.

I felt the same gratitude this past Christmas morning. I wish us all a wonderful and peaceful 2012.

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  1. It’s a beautiful story to share and your passion and devotion to your career is inspirational. I wish you and your son a wonderful and peaceful 2012 as well!

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