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Labor Pains and Lindsay Lohan

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Labor_Pains Lindsay_Lohan.8_.17_.09_

I am finally back in the loop. What with vacation in a “non-tech” environment, changes at Harvard Common Press’s big blog server in the sky and my own personal computer upgrades, I have been away from the keyboard. Now back at 100%.

Which is more blog worthy? The fact that Lindsay Lohan’s new movie, Labor Pains is so bad that it went directly to Disney TV or that The Joy of Pregnancy is not only in the movie, but being visibly held by Cheryl Hines in the press information discussing how bad the movie is. Could another way to phrase this be that the highlight of the movie is The Joy of Pregnancy? I have to laugh and am appreciative of any audience that can see a copy of the book.

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