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Indelible Bonds

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

1111655_family_with_newborn_2 I’d like to share with you what it feels like to be so much a part of a family’s birth experience that an almost immediate and indelible bond forms. One that becomes forever etched in each of us. Birth is always magical for me but as with many things, some experiences are more powerful than others. Here is my story from this past Sunday.

Elena and David were expecting their first baby and came in for a labor induction as Elena was well past her due date. I met them in the morning while Elena was just beginning to feel uncomfortable with her contractions. I could tell almost immediately that she and David were going to trust me. We were quickly comfortable with one another and there was a lightness in the room.  I knew we would be fast friends.

We talked about what they could expect from the day, how I could help them navigate her labor and what Elena’s options were for pain relief if she chose to use them. They then fed me David’s grandmother’s cookies and we settled in. Each step of the way, we worked together with ease and a comfort that allowed Elena to trust in her process and in the guidance that I was able to provide her.

It is hard to explain but there is something very special about a relationship that is based solely on trust and not on an expectation of what should be. Elena worked very hard and as a team we brought sweet little Emily into the world. All three of us cried  (well four actually), very lovely tears of happiness.

Yesterday, Elena and David and Emily came to see me — with more of grandmother’s cookies and hugs and thanks all around. We all cried again. It’s an unbelievable thing. To have an impact. To have made a difference. To have the amazing privilege of hearing “you helped make this the best day of our lives” , – that is something I don’t really have words for. But I’m gonna take it. And hold it very close.

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  1. This is a beautiful story. :)

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