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New Relationship with ParentsAsk.Com

Monday, June 14th, 2010

I am very excited about now being a part of I will be posting videos on different topics and Q & A’s – sometimes alone and sometimes as part of a panel. My first episode launched this past Thursday on Healthy Eating During Pregnancy.

Video posts no longer involve a camera crew, lights and perfect timing. They now are done with a small camera, a tripod, a basic subject outline, free continuous speaking and then later, editing. I wish I had had a camera “videoing” the videoing of these first few. They were pretty funny, in the scheme of how I do things. Needless to say, conventional would not be a word I would use.

My “office” consists of an iMac in a sunny spot next to the breakfast table looking out at the bird feeders and the roses.  Or my laptop. I spend a lot of time writing either outside (now that the weather is finally nice) or sitting on the living room floor. Neither is really a good place for video shoots.

My highly skilled video assistant was our exchange student (and doer of all things) Tom, whose job was to start the camera and hold my “cue cards” up.  We tried a bunch of different backgrounds but the best is the one in front of the bookshelf. Most professionals would be sitting in front of their scholarly books or important journals. Although I do have those, they live  in various places around the house. You can’t see the titles of the books I am sitting in front of  (hint – I am in Alexander’s room) but if you could, they would be books such as, Diary of a Worm, Walter the Farting Dog, Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief and Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary. The scholarly reading of a nine-year old boy.

Each segment is about 90 seconds long and being a complete video amateur, I thought that I had to create a single episode, shot straight through. This, of course meant many retakes with the outtakes being pretty funny. We would get just about done and the new kitten (Lucy) would jump on the bookshelf out of nowhere or suddenly you could hear a lacrosse ball hit the side of the garage.

I was pretty frazzled by the time we finished the first four segments and when I sent them off to my producer she said “Oh, you don’t have to shoot them straight through. Just stop and pick up where you goofed. We’ll edit out the rest”.  Um… of course. I knew that.

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