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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Long Weekend

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

DownloadedFileI am thankful for so many things. Enjoying time with family, friends and loved ones is, of course, so important. We enjoyed that very much. We also spent time with and helped feed our community in San Francisco who don’t have as much as we do.

What is also really important is something we just don’t get enough of … just plain downtime. We slept in, we saw two movies, we played ALOT of Monopoly® . Did you know that owning a hotel on Baltic Ave. really improves the price of rental collections?  Alexander and I got hit with a little post Thanksgiving stomach flu which slowed us to a complete halt. He was hit much harder than I as is evident by the volumes of laundry and carpet cleaning I have been doing in his room today.

But we are better now.  The “way too rich” holiday food has been eaten. We enjoyed many hours in our jammies in front of the fireplace and we were quiet for a little while. Something that we don’t do nearly enough of.  And, something quite frankly, which we should really be doing much more of.

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