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Happy Father’s Day

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

I just lost my dad. Less than two weeks ago. There is no doubt in saying that it was expected, and he died of natural causes after a full and wonderful life. But as I have heard over and over, all of that kind of doesn’t matter. It’s my dad. No time is really an okay time. He was an incredibly awesome man. Honest, straightforward, funny, really, really smart, he lived with complete integrity and has always had a twinkle in his eye. He raised all girls (four of us) and has had the joy of having only grandsons. Today, I honor him and want to include some thoughts about dads that I have collected.

“My dad taught me girl things and boy things, but mostly he taught me to believe in myself.” Elsa

“My father is always bragging about how he is one of the wealthiest men in the world because of the love and joy my sister, my brother, and I have given him.” Suzanne

“My dad is the greatest because” —

  • On the Saturday afternoons that Mom worked, he would make his famous corn-chip pie.
  • After giving him my big-brown-eyes look, anything was mine for the asking. He later warned my husband about this look!
  • All babies love to sleep on his belly.
  • His mesquite-grilled fajitas are out of this world!
  • He said he didn’t like animals, but we caught him baby-talking to our dogs, Gretchen and Daisy.
  • He cried in front of everybody when my brother, his oldest child, got married.
  • He cried when my sister’s first husband broke her heart.
  • He cried when I left home to join the Air Force.
  • He cried when Gretchen and Daisy died.
  • He’s been married to my mom for 45 years.” Susie

Enjoy this time of  Father’s Day with your special dad!

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  1. Your dad was a dad to me too, growing up. His impact on my life is a profound example of a father’s love that I otherwise did not have and I am so grateful to him and just love him so!

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