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H1N1/Swine Flu Has Hit Home

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

So here is the thing about writing. Or blogging. Inspiration. At least for me it has to be. I suppose if you are a sportswriter or someone who reports information it may not be so necessary. I find it challenging to write unless I have feelings about the topic. Then the words flow freely. Isn’t that what makes writers interesting to people? What it is that they write or how they interpret something going on in people’s lives?

I have wanted to get back to the subject of homebirth but am holding off for the moment. I need to stay with H1N1 (swine) flu, for now. My last blog was important and informational but it wasn’t “personal”. It didn’t have my ‘self” in it. Well, now it does.

I have to make a plea – don’t minimize this flu. It has now really hit home for me. The first death from H1N1 in the small county in which I live was a young, healthy new mom. All of the hospitals in the San Francisco/Bay area are seeing more pregnant women with H1N1. Just this week we had a young mom with H1N1 give birth prematurely and she is still unable to see her baby. She is potentially contagious and her baby is in isolation.

I have had several coworkers out with this flu, one saying that she has never been so ill in her life. And now, my very best friend is on Day 11 and is completely laid up and incapacitated; sick, sick, sick. He had a bad “cold” for a week and made more than one trip to a doctor without even a suggestion that it might be H1N1. Had he been diagnosed earlier he could have received Tamiflu, which would have likely made a significant difference.

The recurring problem with severity seems to often relate to a late diagnosis. The initial symptoms can be minimized as being merely a “bad cold”. The CDC has clearly stated that “any” flu-like symptoms at this “early” time of the flu season are very likely to be H1N1.

Alexander and I are getting over actual, simple colds. It is cold season too. The difference is we did not have “flu” symptoms. No fever, chill, aches. Just sniffles and coughs and we got better within a few days. There is no need to become fearful of this virus but there is a need to pay attention. To be vigilant. Here comes (again) my “the best way to prevent illness is thorough and frequent hand washing” speech. Keep up with your local news about this flu in your area and please take it seriously if you become ill. Stay healthy.

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