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Fox 17 Morning News Interview: Diet During Pregnancy

Monday, July 20th, 2009

img494bb166d1af0Last week I was interviewed on the Fox 17 Morning News in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’d like to take my next couple of blog posts to address the things we talked about. The newscaster and I initially discussed how diet and exercise should be approached during pregnancy. Check out these blogs for more discussions on healthy eating during pregnancy.

I hear this question a lot and interestingly enough so long as you are eating within the nutrition pyramid you are in pretty good shape. The Department of Agriculture has produced a terrific website outlining the pyramid. Adding extra calcium, iron rich foods and adequate protein to your diet is important. A prenatal vitamin also helps insure that you are getting all the additional vitamins and minerals that you need. I encourage woman to take one that includes iron, Omega 3 and a stool softener as vitamins can be constipating.

An interesting food shopping marketing technique is to place more of the processed foods in the center of the grocery store. Generally, the perimeter of the store is where you will find the freshest foods, fruits and vegetables. Shopping at farmer’s markets and supporting locally produced food it ideal.

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