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Fit Pregnancy’s Biggest Babymoon Ever

Monday, March 1st, 2010

I attended Fit Pregnancy magazine’s Biggest Babymoon Ever event in Los Gatos, California this weekend. I was asked to give a seminar on “Common Sense Pregnancy” as well as be a part of a panel discussion on a wide variety of pregnancy topics. Fit Pregnancy selected The Joy of Pregnancy as  their featured book for the event and each of the participants received a copy.

What a wonderful experience . It was really my first outing since this shoulder surgery and although it was a challenge to get around, it was well worth it. I had not heard the term “Babymoon” before. It is is a romantic or special trip that a couple takes before their baby is born. This babymoon was a weekend stay at the beautiful Hotel Los Gatos and was put on by Barefoot & Pregnant and Fit Pregnancy. Couples attended talks of their choosing, a yoga/Pilates class, had a romantic dinner and massage and spa treatments.

It was a pleasure to spend the day with the Editor-in-Chief of Fit Pregnancy, Peg Moline , fitness expert,  Tracey Mallet and Elizabeth Irvine, the educational partner of Weil Baby . The day was a complete success for all of us as well as for all the couples attending.

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