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Monday, June 29th, 2009

I have been away from here for a little over a week although it feels like even longer than that. The funny part is that I truly have been without an Internet connection for this entire time. That sure doesn’t happen often anymore. Either the WIFI signal was out or the dial-up wasn’t working or something or other. I have been traveling to the Midwest, specifically Ann Arbor, Michigan to attend one of my high school reunions (the number of which I will leave out).

I graduated from St. Thomas/Fr. Gabriel Richard High School in 19?? and had 82 people in my class. Many of us have kept in touch and this reunion was very special. Several people who we haven’t seen in many, many years came for this one. Each of them lovely and wonderful and a treat to spend time with. I am exhausted but very satisfied with the reconnections that we made. I also have to readily admit that the reason so many people were found was due to Face Book and other social networking sites. It is really quite amazing.

I was also struck by the genuine support I received for the Joy of Pregnancy. My classmates were genuinely impressed, honored and so excited about it. One of them actually knew the book professionally and have even recommended it, but had no idea it was written by me, as my last name is now different. Again I was humbled and frequently said, “It’s just me”, not anyone different. I got to hear all about the births of the people I grew up with and felt honored that people were so willing and eager to ask questions and share such intimate aspects of their lives.

I really, really love my work and I also have to put a plug in for attending these sorts of events. By the weekend’s end, even the most hesitant attendees couldn’t deny how much fun they had or how special the connections were. There is something magical about coming together as children. We are not our professions or our accomplishments; we are just ourselves – missing teeth, braces and mop top hair. All just perfect.

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