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Celebrity Scientists? I Don’t Think So

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009


I get fired up about things. Those closest to me definitely know this. Those I often meet for the first time, quickly learn this. I teach Alexander that his passions and his beliefs matter. And that having his own thoughts and opinions, regardless of who agrees with them, are much better than having none at all. So what am I getting to?

Amy Tuteur is an OB/GYN whom I’ve been following for some time. I like her very much because she is smart, articulate and has a passion. She intelligently dissects the misinformation, inaccuracies and untruths so often found in “pop” health. She calls people out for stating as “fact” things that actually have no validity in their claims. She recently wrote a piece for Salon about three actresses who have deemed themselves experts in serious health and medical issues.  Ricki Lake on childbirth (whom I have openly challenged on a number of occasions), Jenny McCarthy on autism and Suzanne Somers on cancer. Each of their expertise stems from their having personal experience with their topic.  Suzanne Somers has gone so far as to claim that chemotherapy is pointless.  Three actresses. Sound disturbing?  It certainly should be.

Becoming knowledgeable about a health topic that you are passionate about is commendable, touting yourself as knowing more than the scientists who devote their entire lives to the same topic is ignorant and quite frankly despicable. And really, really scary.

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