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Bristol Palin Gives Birth

Monday, December 29th, 2008

juggle_bristolpalin_CV_20081230125428There was a very small piece in People magazine this week announcing that Bristol Palin, the 18-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin had given birth to a boy. The Palin’s have expressed that the birth is a private family matter and rightly so. I wouldn’t even talk about it except that peripherally, I became a bit involved.

Shortly after it was announced that Bristol was pregnant I wrote an article discussing the serious issue of teen pregnancy and how family matters can and do become subject to public commentary once politics becomes involved. At that time I also sent Bristol a copy of my book, The Joy of Pregnancy and offered to be a resource and support person to her.

Late last month I received a very genuine and thoughtful thank you note from Bristol. She said that she love the book was that it was very helpful to her. She also said that I had her dream job of being a nurse and that I inspired her. It was very sweet and especially meaningful to me.

My goal is to be a reassuring voice – to bring more joy to pregnancy and birth. Regardless of whether that is to a young, unmarried woman who became pregnant by accident or to a couple who are expecting a long awaited baby. I wish Bristol Palin only happiness as she embarks in this adventure of motherhood.

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