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Monday, August 9th, 2010

Beach Friends

We head back to California today. A bittersweet ending to a beautiful summer here on Lake Michigan. It always comes too quickly but this summer just seemed to completely disappear.

It wasn’t an especially busy time and although I did not even touch the couple of “projects” I brought with me to do (which I never do), I feel like Alexander and I did all of the things we wanted to do. As always, for him it was to play. Plain and simple.

For me, it was to spend as much time as possible with those I love, and to read as many “beach” books as possible. I did both. Yesterday I would not come off the beach until I finished the one I was reading. I was that engrossed in it.

Of course, I have created monsters in the entire family. Alexander goes to bed at 10p and sleeps till 9a and Buster and Roxie believe that they will continue to get a daily, two-hour walk/run/play on the beach. Yikes!

As our pace quickens this week when I head back to work and Alexander gears up for school, I take back with me two huge things. First, I saw the area where I grew up in an entirely different light and secondly, what Alexander wants most in the world is my time and my love. The kind of unstructured time where we are playing cards, making a friendship bracelet, building a Lego, diving in the waves, or roasting marshmallows.

Although it is not easy to find this kind of time outside of summer, I intend to grab as much of it as I can – it is so good for both of us.

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