1. Hi Tori, my partner is about 26 weeks pregnant with twins and although we have had sex previously, the last two times have ended up with a yellow slime being produced which smells a bit cheesey. Do you have any idea what this could be?

    Many thanks – Martin.

    • Hi Martin,

      It is difficult to know exactly what the discharge is that your partner is having, however it could be a couple of things. She may be passing some normal, mucousy discharge. During pregnancy, a woman’s vaginal discharge often increases.

      However, if there is an odor or discomfort during sexual intercourse she may have developed a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Pregnant women are more susceptible to both.

      It is important that she check in with her practitioner as she may need treatment.

      I wish you both all the best.

  2. Hi Tori,
    I am 8 weeks 2 days pregnant and noticed in the last 2 days my fatigue is almost gone (was extreme from 5-8 weeks), my nausea is gone (from 5-8 weeks was moderate) and my aversion to meat is gone. I have had no bleeding or cramping, but am very worried about missed miscarriage as I have read that a loss of symptoms could indicate this. Can you please help me understand what the chances of that happening are? I’m so worried that I’m losing sleep and would appreciate your input.

    • Julie,

      This is good news!

      It sounds as though you are moving out of what can be a miserable start to a perfectly normal pregnancy. All that you have described are common symptoms of early pregnancy. Most women find that these symptoms pass by the end of their 12th week (the end of the first trimester). With Alexander my severe nausea did not leave until I was 14 weeks along. I distinctly remember the moment it did. I ate a huge plate of spaghetti!

      It sounds to me like you are among the lucky women for whom these symptoms do not last long. Although the risk of miscarriage with any pregnancy is approximately 25%, the symptoms are generally bleeding and cramping.

      Please try not to worry — you need your sleep at night!

  3. Hi Tori,
    I’m 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant on my third pregancy. I have a healthy two year old from my first, but the second pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage at 10 weeks – though they said the baby probably died at about 8 weeks. I have just found some jelly-like, clear but yellow-tinged mucus in my underwear – probably about half a teaspoonful. Unfortunately I do remember this happening during the pregnancy when we miscarried, so now I am extremely worried that this might be happening again.

    The mucus has no smell. I did a little bit of an inspection with my finger (sorry for the details) and found that I have LOTS of thick white mucus – also with no smell. I was under the impression that the white mucus is normal but I’m really worried about the clear/yellow jelly. Could I be losing my mucus plug? Is it a sign of impending miscarriage?

    Thanks for your advice,


    • Hi Michelle,

      You don’t need to worry about ever giving me too much detail!

      I am so sorry that you are worried about whether or not this pregnancy will be successful. Even though you had some mucous last time, a miscarriage more often begins with bleeding and/or cramping. Your mucous plug has not yet had time to develop and a discharge this early is very likely to simply be normal vaginal secretions.

      Very soon your doctor will be able to see your baby’s heart beat on ultrasound and visualize if the baby is growing properly. I am thinking only the best wishes for you.

  4. Thanks So much for your reply Tori…The pill really did work for BV.

    But now sometimes I feel itchy, is that common.. Though it reduced the itchy after I took my pill

    Hope you had a wonderful holidays

    Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Thanking You
    Archana Illa

  5. Hello Tori

    The Joy Of Pregnancy is really a fun educating book and I am getting a lot from it.

    My question is regarding bacterial vaginosis. I had this before pregnancy and now I am 15weeks pregnant and want to know if the Gel Metronidazole will cause any problems to the baby. I used it for 7 weeks the first time and it came back again 2 days after I stopped it. My doctor then suggested a high dose – 3 times for 2 days and it still did not decrease my discomfort. Now doctor suggests the Metronidazol pill twice a day for 7 days.

    Will this effect my baby and is it safe? And since I used this prescription as a creme and it did not work, will the pills work?

    I am worried…please help.

    Thank You

    • Thank you so much for your question. I am so sorry that you have dealt with bacterial vaginosis for so long. As I am sure you know, it can be quite unpleasant!

      Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is the name of a condition in women where the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina is disrupted and replaced by an overgrowth of certain bacteria. It is sometimes accompanied by discharge, odor, pain, itching, or burning. It affects more than 1 million pregnant women in the US. Your doctor is right. The metronidazole cream is really a first try and, in my experience is often not effective enough. Metronidazole, also known as Flagyl, is a Category B medication (Category C medications should not be taken during pregnancy). As with most medications, it does cross the placental barrier and enter the fetal circulation. Reproduction studies have been performed in pregnant rats at doses up to five times the human dose and have revealed no evidence of impaired fertility or harm to the fetus due to metronidazole. There are, however, no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Again, as with all medications, metronidazole should be used during pregnancy only if clearly needed.

      Your situation is clearly an indication to switch from the vaginal cream to the oral pill. It is not good for either you or the baby to have untreated bacterial vaginosis. Please follow your doctor’s recommendation and take the medication exactly as prescribed. If you were to stop it too early your vaginosis may not fully clear up. I hope this helps and please let me know when you feel better!

  6. My partner, who is about nine weeks pregnant, does research in environmental chemistry in a laboratory at her university. I am concerned about the chemicals she is in contact with every day. What chemicals might be harmful to our baby, and what precautions should she take if she is working with these chemicals?

    • Your partner’s employer should have a list of all the chemicals that are used in the workplace. Those that are dangerous to pregnant or lactating women should be posted, and she should not have contact with them. If you have any questions about this, you can contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 200 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20210. The OSHA website, http://www.osha.gov, is also an excellent source of information.

  7. I am 22 weeks pregnant and healthy, but I am a bit concerned that I may get sick during the winter months. I usually get a flu shot. Should I get it this year or skip it?

    • Yes, you should get the flu shot this year. Pregnancy can decrease your immunity and put you at increased risk of getting the flu. Pregnant women are also at greater-than-average risk of developing serious complications of the flu, such as pneumonia. If you were to get the flu when your baby was a newborn, your baby might get it, too. The vaccine contains three influenza viruses that have been identified as likely to cause widespread infection in a given year. Your body takes about two weeks after you receive the vaccine to develop antibodies to the influenza viruses. Knowing that the flu season is at its height from December through March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that pregnant women be vaccinated in September or October.

  8. Hi Tori,
    I am 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my first child. i have been having a lot of irregular contractions and lower back pain that stretches through my abdomen. Is it okay to naturally induce labor now and what techniques are effective?

  9. Is aspartame safe during pregnancy?

  10. Hi Tori,
    I am 23 weeks pregnant with my first child. I’ve had some weird feelings going on inside me. I’ve had sharp, short pains in my lower abdomen, tightening of parts of my abdomen, and pressure. Is this normal or do I need to set up a visit with my doctor?

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