1. Dear Tori, we have tried for a baby for about 4 years, and now I am 14 weeks pregnant. This baby is a kryo transfer after two IVF attempts due to male factors. My husband and I live currently live in Moscow, but all of my family lives in San Francisco. My grandmother, with whom I grew up and am very close to, lives with my parents in SF. I desperately want to go visit with her and have a chance to share part of my pregnancy with someone so important to me. At 11.5 weeks I ended up in the hospital with some bleeding, which was later found out to be caused by a partial placenta previa.

    During an ultrasound at 13 weeks the doctors (both – the ultrasound specialist and my IVF doctor) assured me that this will take care of itself over time, I am not expected to have any more episodes and it’s all right for me to travel at week 16-17 to the US. My husband, however, is freaking out and thinks any travel is out of the question. He is very worried about the baby and about me, and is not being rational. Probably because of all that we went through to get pregnant.

    I am scheduled for another ultrasound at 16 weeks, at which point, if I am once again given the all clear by the doctors, I would like to go ahead and visit my family. Do you think this is sound? Thanks so much for the advice!

  2. Hi there, I am 8 weeks pregnant and i suffer from severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease, it is so bad that i have flare-ups every months or so. I am only 18 years old and literally have been dealing with this my whole life. Now that I am pregnant, i have only had one flare-up but it was terrible. I am scared that all the cramping, and the necessary pushing to go potty is going to prematurely push out my baby. I am scared to death of a miscarriage, even though my doctor says ill be fine, id like a second opinion. Also, Im terrified that labor might cause me to have an attack, To be honest im terrified that i will loose control of my bowels in front of everyone in the delivery room, and not only that, make labor an even more grueling experience! What do you think? Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

  3. One more thing: Could the previa or bilobed placenta make it harder to feel movement? I’m pretty sure I was feeling my daughter move by now but this time around Im unsure of the movement. When I do feel something I am unsure and it isnt very often. I am 18 weeks 2 days today.

  4. I recently had an episode of bleeding at 17 1/2 weeks. (I am now just over 18 weeks)I went in for an ultrasound and was told I had placenta previa.Not only previa but a bilobed placenta. I can’t find much information on bilobed placentas and was wondering if it causes any harm to the baby. What complications should I be worried about. I have a trip to Maui planned in a week and will get checked before leaving to see how things are doing. I have been put on pelvic rest and told to keep my acticvity level low. Will flying cause me to bleed or should I be worried? I also plan to find out how bad the previa is. I am told chances are that will correct itself but not the bilobed placenta. Thanks!

    Thank you

  6. I’m 7 months pregnant and I’m irritated and uncomfortable. This is my fourth baby. My contractions are not strong or to close but I have bad sharp pain in my hips legs pelvic area and lower stomach. My feet are swellin alot any my head hurts. Also I have not been sleeping well and have shortness of breath. Is it to soon to start trying to self induce labor?

  7. Hi Tori:

    I’m early in my first trimester (7wks) and have a mild yeast infection. Are there treatments that are safe for me to use/take at this time? I’ve heard that you can use garlic or unsweetened yogurt but want to be sure that they’re safe during pregnancy. I was also thinking of taking acidophilus supplements. Are those safe during pregnancy?


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  9. Hi Tori,
    Yesterday I saw the specialist and they could find no sign of a uterine septum. He came to the conclusion, that when they did my ultrasound at my Doctor’s office, I was likely having a uterine contraction which can look like a dark mass on an ultrasound. You were right, it would not have just appeared, it would have always been there. Thank God! In my case everything was completely normal. Our baby girl is growing great and looks wonderful.

    Thank You Tori for everything!

    Sincerely, Elaine

  10. Hi, I’m 30 years and am currently pregnant with twins. I’m 10 weeks along and had some vaginal bleeding. I was dx w spontaneous bleeding, however was put on light activity duty. I have a history of miscarriaging therefore I’m very concerned if pelvic rest will help. I’m also a gym rat, I love doing Zumba and spin about 4 times per week. Should I be restricted from these activities? Is “bed rest” just old wives tales? What can i do? To makes things even brighter, I have broke out in the worst case of ACNE. Please help!!!

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