1. Natalie


    I have a low-lying placenta and I am at 31 wks and it is 1.9 cm away from the cervical os. Is there hope for the placenta to move up about 0.6 cm for the doctor to deliver vaginally? I was told that it probably won’t move up much more, but everything I have read says that the uterus grows up rapidly in the last month to help the placenta to move up too.

    I am hopeful and don’t want to schedule a c-section just yet. I asked for another ultrasound at 38 wks and my doctor said that we should do it at 36 weeks because the head will be engaged and in the way by then. He said that an internal ultrasound is a more accurate way to get the measurements.

    I just wanted a natural birth and feel I am being pushed into a scheduled c-section too soon. I have 7 + weeks for the placenta to rise at least 1/4″. Help!

    Thanks! — Natalie

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