1. Carla

    Hi Tori,

    3 weeks ago I lost my baby girl at 22 weeks gestation. I went into preterm labot yet I didn’t have any symptoms to warn me… I simply started getting one contraction after another and by the time I got to the hostpital my bag of water was already ready to rupture and there was nothing the doctors could do for us.

    I had an ultrasound and I could see her moving and she still had a heartbeat but when I gave birth to her (vaginally – even though the nurse said I had a marginal placenta previa) the doctor said she was born dead.

    My questions are:

    *could my marginal placenta previa caused her death even though i had no warnings like bleeding etc.?

    *could it have been that I got pregnant too soon (2 months after having my 1st baby)?

    * is it because I would carry my 6 month old even though i was pregnant?

    ps: the doctor suggested an autopsy since the baby looked normal physically..but I was so out of it and couldn’t bear the image of my baby being cut open that i said no… now I regret not having the autopsy.

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