1. Women everywhere understand how you feel. I have some ideas for you. They are simple, and they come from the experts, women like you who have been waiting, waiting, waiting: Visit a new or elegant restaurant; Catch up on the latest movies, or enjoy old classics; Swim; Make a couple of stews or casseroles, and freeze them for after the baby is born; Have lunch with a friend; Treat yourself to a massage; Make a list of numbers to call when the baby is born; Spend a romantic night or weekend in a hotel with your partner; Take a bubble bath; Shop for yourself, not the baby; Buy some fresh flowers; Bake cookies or bread; Visit a local museum; Read a good book that’s not about birth or babies; Write a letter to someone you don’t see often enough; Go to a concert; Go dancing with your partner; Play with your pet, as it may sense that change is coming; Ask your mate for a foot rub; Go to the beach; Spend an evening cuddling in front of a fire with your sweetie; Have your partner take some sexy and silly photos of your pregnant body; Look at your baby pictures and your partner’s; Savor being two before you become three!

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