1. Archana Illa

    Hello Tori

    The Joy Of Pregnancy is really a fun educating book and I am getting a lot from it.

    My question is regarding bacterial vaginosis. I had this before pregnancy and now I am 15weeks pregnant and want to know if the Gel Metronidazole will cause any problems to the baby. I used it for 7 weeks the first time and it came back again 2 days after I stopped it. My doctor then suggested a high dose – 3 times for 2 days and it still did not decrease my discomfort. Now doctor suggests the Metronidazol pill twice a day for 7 days.

    Will this effect my baby and is it safe? And since I used this prescription as a creme and it did not work, will the pills work?

    I am worried…please help.

    Thank You

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