1. Breann,

    I am so so sorry that you are feeling so anxious. I know how hard it can be with information overload, situations with loved ones and wanting only a healthy baby. If there is any way I can reassure you, I certainly will! Please try not to be so anxious. There is really no reason to. We have become so afraid that we are not enjoying the wonder of being pregnant! Medically speaking everything you are experience seems completely normal. I encourage you to not read the Internet for information. There is so much poor and inaccurate information “out there”. The reason I wrote my book, The Joy of Pregnancy is exactly to help with the feelings you are having. If you read just what is happening where you are in your pregnancy, it can help you to not feel overwhelmed.

    It sounds as though your baby is completely healthy and everything is going well. I don’t want you to miss a moment of it!

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