1. Ah– I feel for you, Brianna. The last weeks of pregnancy can be very challenging. I think in many ways preparing you to “want” labor due to the discomfort of those last moments of pregnancy.

    I wish that I had a magic answer. Although primrose oil can soften the cervix it has no bearing on when you will go into labor. Since effacement is the softening of the cervix and your cervix is already 80% effaced, you need no more softening. I’m afraid castor oil is not the magic potion either. Since castor oil stimulates the bowel, if your body is ready to labor, it can get things going. The key is “if your body is ready” which it sounds like yours just isn’t. The real downside of castor oil is that it can really give you cramps and loose stools which is just more unpleasant.

    Sex sometimes gets things going due to the prostaglandins in semen but again, only “if your body is ready”. The best possibility is for your practitioner to “strip your membranes” which means that he or she performs a vaginal exam and slightly separates your amniotic sac from the uterine wall. Again, this is an attempt but not a sure thing.

    I suspect that your baby just isn’t ready to be born yet. She just may need a little more growing time. If you can, I encourage you to let nature take it’s course, hard as that is. Please let me know when you give birth and how things go. I wish you all the best.

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