1. Hi Maria, I am so sorry that you had a miscarriage in September. Please let me reassure you that absolutely nothing you did caused it to happen. I am so often asked this and it is a completely natural question to wonder.

    It is possible that your amniotic sac had a slight tear in it for a time before you miscarried but it was due to there being a problem with the pregnancy itself, not the fact that you lift patients in your work. Our bodies are designed to handle the physical work we do, even during pregnancy. Such things as physical activities, lifting, even emotional upset, do not cause a miscarriage. Often, if a woman has two successive miscarriages her doctor may suggest some additional testing to be sure that there is not a hormonal or physiological cause. You may want to ask your doctor if she thinks you should have any additional testing done.

    I wish you all the best in growing your family.

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