1. maria petoral

    Hi Tori! I had a m/c in 9/7/09. I was 11 wks and 4 days pregnant. My question is: is lifting heavy patients (in nsg home) ranging 100 lbs- 300lbs could possibly be the cause of my m/c? I had a previous m/c 2 1/2 yrs ago. I asked my OB if i have any limitation at work now that i am pregnant again and she said none. I didnt have any prob during my pregnancy…no d/c or anything…except when i strain to assist bariatric patients to stand…i would leak little amt of fluid..i know its not urine…it was clear, no odor. didnt pay attn to it until fri 9/6/09 when we assisted a 300lb lady to stand..i leaked more than usual..still not enough to saturate my undies, however, i felt minimal cramping and it lasted overnight. come morning i saw bld when i urinated. then it would stop and then more bld came out when i tried to do anything in standing so i decided to lie down and propped my feet up. After awhile, i felt like i peed and fluid gushed out (saturated my undies) then blood and more blood..with cramps…that got severe as time goes by. went to ER and had a m/c again.

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