1. Beluxa

    Hi Tori,
    been reading all your answers to the ladies and gents and i find it very reassuring. I am 11 weeks pregnant after 16 years of trying. I saw the doctor a week ago for an ultrasound or scan and every thing was ok with the baby. two days after i started to feel some itching and i discovered that i contracted yeast infection, i have no discharge or any unppleseant smell. I applied canasten cream just outside the vagina and the itching immediately stopped. can this harm the baby? The other worry i have is this; since the week 6 i have been having very strong symptoms such as nausea and vomiting as well as fatigue but all it seems to have suddenly stopped and, i do not feel any activity going on on my tummy, should i worry? Is this the right time that i should be feeling the baby’s moviment? please advise

    All the best


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