1. Katya

    Dear Tori, we have tried for a baby for about 4 years, and now I am 14 weeks pregnant. This baby is a kryo transfer after two IVF attempts due to male factors. My husband and I live currently live in Moscow, but all of my family lives in San Francisco. My grandmother, with whom I grew up and am very close to, lives with my parents in SF. I desperately want to go visit with her and have a chance to share part of my pregnancy with someone so important to me. At 11.5 weeks I ended up in the hospital with some bleeding, which was later found out to be caused by a partial placenta previa.

    During an ultrasound at 13 weeks the doctors (both – the ultrasound specialist and my IVF doctor) assured me that this will take care of itself over time, I am not expected to have any more episodes and it’s all right for me to travel at week 16-17 to the US. My husband, however, is freaking out and thinks any travel is out of the question. He is very worried about the baby and about me, and is not being rational. Probably because of all that we went through to get pregnant.

    I am scheduled for another ultrasound at 16 weeks, at which point, if I am once again given the all clear by the doctors, I would like to go ahead and visit my family. Do you think this is sound? Thanks so much for the advice!

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