1. Maddie

    Hi there, I am 8 weeks pregnant and i suffer from severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease, it is so bad that i have flare-ups every months or so. I am only 18 years old and literally have been dealing with this my whole life. Now that I am pregnant, i have only had one flare-up but it was terrible. I am scared that all the cramping, and the necessary pushing to go potty is going to prematurely push out my baby. I am scared to death of a miscarriage, even though my doctor says ill be fine, id like a second opinion. Also, Im terrified that labor might cause me to have an attack, To be honest im terrified that i will loose control of my bowels in front of everyone in the delivery room, and not only that, make labor an even more grueling experience! What do you think? Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

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