1. Different women begin to show at different times. When you will start to show depends on your overall body size, your height, your pre-pregnancy weight, and, especially, the length of your midbody. Women with longer midbodies tend to hide their babies longer and look smaller than do other women whose babies are at the same gestational age. Women who have already given birth, as your sister has, tend to show a little earlier in a subsequent pregnancy. How the baby is positioned in the uterus also partly determines how the mother’s body looks.

    Most women have at least a little bump by 15 weeks. At first, though, you and your partner may be the only ones to notice your bump. Often, other people don’t recognize that a woman is pregnant until she is about 20 weeks along. Although I am petite, when I was pregnant with Alexander, I did not develop even a bump until 16 weeks. I wore maternity clothes because I was excited, but I really didn’t need them until I was six months along. Try not to be concerned about comments such as “Oh, you look so small!” (People may be asking your sister, “Wow! Is that just one baby in there?”) No one can tell, just by looking at you, what size your baby is.

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