1. A placenta can implant in any number of places, including at the top of the uterus (the fundus), at the back of the uterus (posterior), or, in the case of placenta previa, in the lower portion of your uterus, covering your cervix. Having an anterior placenta means that it has implanted along the front portion of your uterus, directly under your belly button. An anterior placenta is perfectly normal, and yes, it is the reason you do not feel the baby’s movements as much as other women do. Instead of kicking directly against your abdominal muscles, the baby is kicking and pushing against the placenta. This softens the impact for you, as if you were cushioned by a pillow inside. This is also why it is sometimes hard to locate your baby’s heart-beat. My Alexander had an anterior placenta, and I was a bit disappointed that I did not feel him moving around much. If you have a layer of fat on your abdomen, this further cushions the baby’s movements.

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