1. Celeste – I am so very sorry that you are having so many issues during your pregnancy. It sounds as though you are under exactly the right kind of care.

    Diuretics are not a simple solution and generally are not given, except in cases of fluid accumulation (pulmonary edema) in your lungs. This is actually a very dangerous and unusual situation and you would be hospitalized if this occurred.

    The reason you are having swelling is because you have the condition of pre-eclapmsia. A diuretic may alleviate the symptoms for a short period of time but do not treat the disease itself. The only actual cure is birth and this is the reason your doctors are watching you so closely.

    If your pre-eclampsia does not worsen, your doctors will want you to get as far along in your pregnancy as possible. If you show signs that it is worsening it will be necessary for your baby to be born early.

    Please let me know how things go!

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