1. The truth about embarrassing questions is that they often are the ones everyone has. Anything that passes through the baby’s body ends up being part of the amniotic fluid. Your baby’s urine is made up of products different from ours. The more urine your baby produces, the more amniotic fluid you have. Since your baby is not digesting any food, she is not yet having any bowel movements. Shortly before birth, however, your baby may pass a bowel movement in your womb. This first stool, called meconium, is very sticky and dark green. Meconium is ordinarily first passed in the initial few hours after birth. A baby’s passing of meconium before birth can mean that she is postmature (past 41 weeks’ gestation) or has been under some kind of stress. If you notice a greenish or dark yellowish vaginal discharge, please let your practitioner know. This could mean that your water bag has broken and that the baby has passed meconium. Your doctor or midwife will want you to come into the hospital or birth center, so that you can be checked.

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