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Are There Benefits In Waiting To Begin Kindergarten ? … Part 3 (of 4)

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Some parents choose to delay a child’s entrance into kindergarten, believing that a child can gain an advantage in academics, athletics or social settings by being older than average for his or her grade. This is also common among boys who have birthdays near the cutoff date — with parents believing their child needs more time to mature.

Interestingly, research suggests that children who are old enough for kindergarten but postpone enrollment for one year don’t perform any better than children who enter at the usual age — particularly if the child remains in an environment where readiness wasn’t being fostered. In addition, other studies show that a child who is old for his or her grade is at higher risk of behavior problems during adolescence.

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  1. Dear Tori, When to start kindergarten can be a tough decision for parents with children close to the cut-off because it really is having to predict the future!I’ve been asked this every year and I advise parents to consider 3 key points: 1. what’s happening for your child now, 2. what will happen in an extra year at home and 3. think of your child in high school. When are growth spurts typically in your families? It’s not easy to be smaller–or taller-than classmates. (Waiting a year can mean a year older to date, drive and move away from home.)There’s no easy answer because it really does depend on each child AnD family. Readiness is more than academics; social and emotional development are key aspects!

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